Exploring San Diego’s Topmost Family Friendly Beaches

View Of Family Environment

San Diego is a great spot for tourists since the place is fortunate to receive sunshine throughout the year. This weather obviously motivates the people to come out in the open and enjoy the scintillating weather. And, the most obvious choice for people is the beaches here. There is a dazzling array of seashores here that never fail to mesmerize the people. However, there are some of them that stand out from the rest, especially when it comes to taking kids to these beaches. Here is a list of some of the topmost family friendly beaches situated in San Diego.

Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach is located in Encinitas, and is one of the most popular beaches among the people here. Kids are particularly happy to visit this spot since there are a number of facilities here, including snack shack, and updated bathrooms. Moreover, kids also love to play in the park and the play structure that are located in close proximity to the beach. All these facilities could engross the kids for the whole day. The place is crowded on a sunny day; however, one should try foraying into the north side, since there is a great amount of space here, and comparatively fewer people.

Seaside In Cardiff

Nothing could be compared to simply parking the car right next to the sand and enjoying the sun while lying on the sand. The whole procedure seems so hassle-free. One could always load their car with towels, snacks, buckets, swimsuits, etc. and simply avoid carrying all this stuff at their own. Kids particularly love the food trucks here that serve amazingly appetizing and mouth-watering dishes.

Fletcher Cove Solana Beach

Fletcher Cove Solana Beach is another popular destination that provides tourist a chance to witness breathtaking views of the ocean. One could start their day by eating at the café located at the beach. Moreover, there is a park nearby which has a number of swings as well. So, kids always love to visit the park here. And, towards the end of the day the family could move towards ‘Pizza Port’ in order to have great variety of food there. So, the place is suitable for spending time along with the whole family.

La Jolla Shores

La Jolla is also known as “The Crown Jewel,” and is certainly among the best spots to take a break in San Diego. The shores here provide soothing and relaxing atmosphere to the visitors. Moreover, there is the play structure as well which attracts a number of children. And, the beach is well-equipped with bathrooms as well. There are some other things that attract the children including ice cream and sandwich shops, which are located in close proximity to the beach.

Coronado Silver Strand

Silver Strand in Coronado is a great beach that offers the visitors a chance to witness white sands. The best part about visiting the beach is that there aren’t many people here. Kids love the spot since they have the space to play along with their friends, siblings, and family members, and eat relishing food that they have brought from their homes. So, families could always visit the beach and have the best time of their life.

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