OROGOLD San Diego Store Review, California

OROGOLD Cosmetics promises its customers with a luxury skin care experience, not just with its products, but also in its beautiful stores. The OROGOLD San Diego Store is no different. We pride in offering our customers with the best services and try to ensure that they have the most luxurious and comfortable time at our store. If you have been to the OROGOLD Store in San Diego and would like to share your experiences with us, we would love to hear from you. Please use the comments box below to share your feelings, experiences or complaints with us. We always strive to serve you better and would love to know how we can improve our services.

One of the most beautiful coastal cities in the state of California, San Diego is home to almost 1.3 million people. It is the second largest city in California which manages to attract thousands of tourists every year. Ranging from its romantic climate, to the clean, exotic beaches, San Diego looks to have just emerged from the fairy tales. The rich history beaded in its culture gives the city and unique charm and delight making it distinctly different from the rest of the places. Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, La Jolla, Old Town, SeaWorld, is some of the major tourist attraction. The beach towns of the Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and the Ocean Beach are very popular tourist spots. And while you are travelling in San Diego, some of the fun activities include surfing, boating, beer tasting, partying, shopping, sailing, whale watching, scuba diving, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking and hang gliding.

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About the Store
A luxurious and splendid skin care experience is exactly what awaits customers who use the Orogold range of cosmetics and visit the beautiful stores of this brand. One such store is the Orogold San Diego Store which takes pride in offering all its customers with top notch services and makes them comfortable when within the store premises. If you are amongst those individuals who have already visited our store and wish to share your unique experience with us, we would love to hear you speak. You can make use of the comments box below to share your experience, feeling or complaint with us. We continuously strive to serve you better and to do so we would be glad to know how to improve our services.

Located in the San Diego County is Escondido which is the home to the Wild Animal Park. it is also one of the hot spot for the tourists. Famous for its dry and pleasant weather, Escondido is indeed an exciting tourism hub. San Diego is also a major art house with number of museums and galleries. The California Center for the Arts, Escondido Art District, Museum Niki de Saint Phalle, Patio Playhouse should be in the must see list. Beautiful wineries such as the Temecula Wine Country, Orfila Vineyards, Ferrara Winery, and Belle Marie Winery allow the visitors to enjoy free sample of these world famous wines.

Among all these brands is the OROGOLD San Diego store which is located on the Level 2 of Westfield Horton Plaza. Like all the other 22 stores running globally, the San Diego store is also designed with the gold and black decor and the white opulence to complement the look. The fantastic collections of the OROGOLD products are available for the customers along with a free trial. The special skin care professionals are always at your service to advice you with the best of the skin care tips. With thousands of customers, footfall every year, OROGOLD San Diego store has been able to impress and satisfy all its customers to date. They believe in keeping the things simple and comfortable keeping in mind that the customers are entertained in the best possible way.

Best of all, you have access to amazing facial services too, which is indeed a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Many of our customers would vouch for the fact that our massages are unique and have helped them reveal a new identity. As the skin is full of pleasure points and nerves, one can pamper herself completely by getting a facial massage done.

OROGOLD Review 1
Last week I visited the Westfield Horton Plaza and came across Orogold when strolling on the 2nd Level with my friend. We were passing through the store when my friend was stopped by one of the sales representatives outside the store and offered a free product trial of an under eye cream. She also encouraged my friend to come inside and take a look at the other products and my friend pulled me in as she eagerly entered the store. Though I am not an avid user of skin care products and cosmetics; the luxurious, welcoming and spacious look of the store really appealed to me.

On entering the store, I saw an appealing and huge white colored sofa which looked really comfortable. To my surprise, that is exactly where I and my friend were seated as the sales lady started chatting about Orogold and its amazing range of products. My friend was discussing dark circles and the problems associated with it when the saleslady noticed the dryness on my face and offered to apply a cream on my face for free. As I had nothing to lose, I accepted the offer and sat back and relaxed while the technician did her job. The application was followed by a quick massage which felt really good and the wonders of the product were actually being reflected on my bright and radiant looking face. When I touched my face, I just couldn’t believe that it was my very own dry and pale skin that I was touching as it had become absolutely smooth, soft and fresh looking.

Inspired by this sudden and positive change on my face, I bought the same cream along with a facial cleanser for added benefits. The packaging of the products was truly exclusive and attractive and it was carefully placed in a beautiful shopping bag before being handed over to me. My friend, on the other hand, bought the entire eye collection as she really found it useful and suitable to her skin type. Though I have just been using it since a few days, I can already feel the difference and am happy the way my skin has started to look and feel.

I think Orogold just became my skin care brand and I am waiting to visit the store again for other such amazing products and free trials!


OROGOLD Review 2
I had gone to the Westfield Horton Plaza about two weeks ago and was strolling on the 2nd level when I came across Orogold. They had a sales representative outside the store who was handing out free products to people passing by. Since I was one of them she handed me this small conditioner and asked me to come inside to check out some of their products. I did not object to this since they had given me a free product and would obviously expect me to listen to a sales pitch. So I walked into the store without thinking twice. The fact that the store looked really luxurious also helped a lot.

Horton Plaza, San Diego USA_3_~1

As soon as I entered the store, I saw this luxurious white colored sofa that was really really inviting. The sales lady invited me to sit down on the sofa and she began chatting me up about Orogold and their products. She asked me to try out one of their moisturizers for free and I readily agreed. A technician applied the moisturizer on my face and gave me a small 2 minute massage. The massage was really good, but the product was just wonderful. My face instantly began to feel smoother and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was amazed at the results. My face looked very fresh.

Inspired by what I had just seen, I bought the moisturizer and a cleanser to go along with it. They gave these products in a beautiful shopping bag and the packaging of the products themselves were top notch. I have been using these products for 2 weeks and I can confidently say that my skin never felt better. Talking about refills, I don’t think that I need one soon because these products are very long lasting. But when I do, I shall definitely visit the Orogold store again.

OROGOLD Review 3
One of my friends had earlier visited the San Diego Orogold store at Westfield Horton Plaza and the experience, which she shared with us, about visiting the store, sounded quite interesting. So this time I had already made up my mind to visit this Orogold store to explore it and the different types of Orogold products as I have read a number of Orogold product reviews in some magazines and was inquisitive enough to learn about these products further. So yesterday I took my Mom to Horton Plaza and after some window shopping and light munching we got up to the 2nd level and located the Orogold store.

As we entered the Orogold store I was just dumbstruck by the dazzling look of the plush interiors, white and gold with a touch of black being the prevailing colours that wrapped the entire lavish setting. I had learnt from my friend that here the guys offer complimentary trial of the Orogold product that would conform to the customer’s requirement. So after being welcomed into the store by the sales executive we took our seat and the sales executive started a very friendly discussion about our requirements. As my Mom was already looking for an anti-aging cream, the sales executive, after thoroughly examining her skin, offered her a free trial of the 24K DMAE Lifting Concentrate Serum. Taking a little on her palm she applied it tenderly onto my Mom’s face with her fingers. Just within a couple of minutes I witnessed that her skin transformed into a smoother and younger looking one – it was really amazing to observe this drastic change taking place in front of me in no time. The sales executive explained us that this groundbreaking product launched by Orogold contains some incredible elements, which tighten and tone the skin with a blink of the eyelashes and also reduce the formation of wrinkles and minute lines.

I chose to take a complimentary trial of the 24K Oil Control Problematic Skin Cleanser, which the sales executive explained to me, just the perfect product for oily skin. As I face a lot of problems due to my oily skin, it was the most fitting product, which I considered to be the best one for a demo application. The sales executive massaged my face with a little amount of this 24K oil control cleanser by spreading it evenly over my face. She then rinsed off the product while I relaxed on a soft cozy couch. My facial skin felt like feather completely free of oil. It seemed magic to me and my Mom and we purchased these two products and left store with future plans of returning here soon.

Fulfill Your Skin Needs at the San Diego OROGOLD Store
Getting a relaxing skin treatment makes one feel contented. Your skin feels more nurtured and respected. The San Diego OROGOLD store offers a complete rejuvenation to your face and purifies the skin deeply giving it the required nourishment that it’s craving for. You also get to see and explore a lot of skin care products at the store that are extremely helpful to make your skin more smooth and free of wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin problems. The treatment for skin offered at the store is extremely relaxing and luxurious.

OROGOLD Offers Opulent Skin Treats at its Store
The OROGOLD store offers unique and effective skin treatment at the store that gives satisfactory results. Whether your skin is oily or sensitive, the skin specialists at the store would treat all the skin concerns in a terrific way that meets your skin demands accurately. They use the right skin care products that will diminish the signs of aging and balance the level of water within the skin.

Pollution, smoke, and stress give a hard time to your skin. This can lead to severe skin problems, and you may encounter problems like wrinkles, and fine lines. Our skin care experts at the OROGOLD clinic offer skin treatments in a relaxing atmosphere using the luxurious range of products that have a touch of gold in it. They will also suggest products that you can apply on your skin daily or for few days a week. This will help in cell generation and fight aging or other skin problems efficiently.

The healthy benefits offered to your skin by using these products are many. All you need to do is visit the OROGOLD store and discuss your skin concerns with the specialists. They will give some facial massage at the store if required and suggest some products that will fight different skin problems successfully. The facials are customized depending on the needs of the skin and the problem you have. After the treatment, you will feel a drastic change in your skin. The skin will feel beautiful, soft and pampered.

Some aging signs become a nightmare for people. For all such aging signs, the skin specialists will give you superior treatment and appropriate products that will suit your skin type and give the results you always wanted. When you walk out of the store, you will feel satisfied and relaxed.

Beauty Benefits offered at the OROGOLD Store in San Diego
It may seem a difficult job to keep your skin protected all the time. The environmental factors, pollutants, stress and various other causes may hamper your beauty drastically and it may feel impossible to get a permanent solution. Well, the skin care products at the OROGOLD Store San Diego have the desired solution for all your skin concerns. Now, you can take overall care of your skin and feel beautiful all the time.

So what is so unique about our OROGOLD skin care products and what it does to your skin? OROGOLD is a trusted skin care brand that has been serving its clients sincerely since many years. The products are infused with natural ingredients that keep the skin healthy and gorgeous. There are ample of skin care products available at the store that meets your skin demands accurately.

As soon as you step in our store, you will be welcomed warmly by our staff and they will assist you passionately to resolve all your skin concerns. We are happy to answer all your concerns related to skin and fulfill all the requests happily.

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