San Diego’s Restaurants Serving The Most Appetizing Family Friendly Seafood

Picture Of A Family In A Restaurant

Going out with kids can be really taxing at times since one spends all their energy in taming the kids, and resultantly, there is no fun in enjoying the meals. All the fun, delight and the expectations with which the people depart from home is completely eliminated as they experience the hard times with their kids. And, the problem gets worse when the parents decide to eat seafood, simply because the choice of kids won’t match with that of their parents, and the restaurants would not have the wider choices available. However, this is not the case in San Diego as one could find the best restaurants here that serve the most appetizing seafood to the visitors, which is suitable for families as well. So, not only the parents are going to find it easy to manage their children but they are going to be greeted with the most delicious dishes as well. Here is a list of some of these family friendly restaurants that offer the amazing seafood dining experience.

The Fish Market

The Fish Market is the hot favourite of the locals as the seafood served here is always fresh. Moreover, the restaurant has other plus points as well since the patio enhances the dining experience by providing the idyllic ambience to the people. The tourists love to dine there on a sunny and sultry day and enjoy the refreshing appetizers along with their favourite glass of wine. The kids are happy too as they are provided with the crayons to show off their painting skills. So, it is one of the most favoured locations of people from all walks of life.

Point Lama Seafood

Point Lama Seafood is always teeming with foodies who cannot hold their temptation of devouring the best seafood. The locals don’t mind queuing up for incredibly long time as they are assured of the mouth-watering food as a reward for waiting. The grilled fish, fried fish, sushi, and even the simple sandwiches are loved by the people here. People even take their food to the beautiful marina in order to enhance their dining experience.

Blue Water Seafood

The restaurant may be unassuming because of the fact that it has no views to offer to the people; however, it is the food that never fails to attract the visitors. One could eat the well-prepared taco or a sandwich, or any other seafood but the aroma of the dishes simply mesmerizes them.

Anthony’s Fish Grotto

No foodie in San Diego would be unaware of this old place serving the seafood for a long time now. Though people may get attracted to the newer locations in the town, but the locals would unfailingly visit the place again when they have the temptation to eat the most perfectly prepared fried seafood.

Ironside Fish And Oyster Bar

Locals have a reason to visit Little Italy, as they like the fresh smell of the seafood wafting through Ironside Fish and Oyster Bar, which never fails to attract their attention. People are straightaway comforted by the ultra cool exterior. Their dining experience is further enhanced when they get the excellent quality seafood that is a delight to have.

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