San Diego’s Top Class Italian Restaurants Defining The Culinary Scene

View Of Italian Food

San Diego is an incredible place when it comes to the dining scene. People here are spoilt for choices since there are an astounding variety of culinary delights here. And, the situation is no different for Italian dishes, since there is a dazzling array of spots that serve truly genuine Italian food. The best part is that along with some old restaurants serving regular Italian dishes, there are some new and promising restaurants that are bent upon providing completely novel dining experience to the people. So, as the place is inundated with a great number of Italian restaurants, here is a list of the finest spots in San Diego that are beyond comparison.


Little Italy is flooded with restaurants, but truly this restaurant stands out from the rest, especially because of the quality of the food, captivating interiors, and flawless service. Moreover, the menu here consists of a large variety of dishes including bucatini that is served along with garlic, pepperoncino, broccoli, and breadcrumbs, and then there is gnocchi that is served along with roasted tomatoes and pistachio pesto. All these dishes are house-made.


Bice in Gaslamp is a popular spot among the elites who couldn’t resist savouring the heavenly taste of the dishes. The ingredients for the dishes are completely fresh and house-made. Moreover, there is a great variety of dishes served here. One couldn’t help but soak himself in the authentic and genuine Italian delicacies rolled out by the experienced and ingenuous chefs here. This is the reason why this place attracts a number of returning visitors.

Civico 1845

With white and soothing brick exterior along with walls adorned with reclaimed wood planks, Civico 1845 is an unmistakable spot in Little Italy. Moreover, the restaurant is a perfect blend of classical and modern Italian dishes. Vegans too have a reason to cheer since they could choose from a number of dairy free and meat free dishes, as there are dishes like gnocchi served along with eggplant caponata, fettuccini Bolognese that is served along with seitan ragout, and the irresistible strawberry cake, to name a few.


It is true that this spot in Little Italy deals only in pasta, but wait, there is every reason to get befuddled by seeing the great variety of pasta. One has the choice to select the pasta and the sauce they like in order to get the combination that they always crave for. One of the most popular varieties of pasta is salsiccia, which is served along with Italian sausage mixed with spicy tomato sauce, and is served along with broad noodle, such as pappardelle or tagliatelle.


Monello in Little Italy is another great location to dine. The menu is extensive here covering fried foods, seafood, pizzas, etc. Some of the most liked dishes served at this restaurant are Isola Galleggiante, spaghetti with ragu, baked meringue that is served along with fresh berries and crème anglaise.


Solare enjoys a roaring popularity, and all the credit for this goes to the painstaking efforts of the chef Accursio Lota. One could find such classical dishes as carpaccio served along with cheese foam and balsamic pearls, pastas like Gnocchi al Nero and Carpaccio di Wagyu that are served with roasted almonds, sea urchin, and calamari.

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