Interesting Facts About San Diego’s USS Midway Museum

View Of USS Midway Museum

USS Midway Museum is one of its kinds as USS Midway is the aircraft carrier that has served for the maximum time in America. So, people are really curious to visit the USS Midway itself, apart from their craze to visit the other parts of the museums. The decision to turn it into the museum was taken to ensure that the aircraft carrier deserves the proper treatment for its contributions. So, in order to ensure that maximum people know about the aircraft carrier it was turned into a museum. So, some of the other interesting facts about San Diego’s USS Midway Museum are included here.

Guided Tours

There are volunteers overboard the USS Midway who tell people about the great history of USS Midway. The tours take one to a number of areas including the sleeping quarters, post office, ship’s jail, and the engine room. People find it quite interesting to witness these places and learn about the eventful history of the aircraft carrier.

Audio Tours

Self-guided tours are accompanied with audio tours in which the previous sailors of USS Midway share their valuable experiences. These sailors spent a major portion of their lives in USS Midway and thus, they are aware about each and every location of the aircraft carrier. So, they provide an insight into the 60 locations of the USS Midway that are opened to the public, and have one or two incidents to share about these locations, which thoroughly entertains and refreshes the people on board the ship.

Flight Simulators

Flight simulators have been a hit among the visitors ever since they were included. They offer them a chance to experience the thrill of battling with the enemies, or launching off. There are two types of fighter jets. One is F-18 Hornet that has the capacity of 12 persons, and then, there is the Strike Fighter 360 that has the capacity of 2 persons. So, the visitors, especially the children really find it interesting and adventurous to embark upon the naval mission of combating the enemies.


The museum has also on display some of the prominent aircrafts that played a pivotal role in the Vietnam War and the Korean War. Some of these include the TBM Avenger and A-6 Intruder. These are 2 of the 25 aircrafts that have been restored and put to display in the USS Midway Museum.


One could access the museum by paying a genuine price of $18, if they are adults. Discount is provided to the senior citizens as well as the children. Moreover, a waiver of $10 is provided to the military members who are retired; whereas, the access is completely free of cost for the active members of the military.

Military Ceremonies

One of the star attractions of USS Midway Museums is the military ceremonies that are held there. The best part is that the general people are able to witness these celebrations. Some of these celebrations include pinning ceremonies, promotions, and retirements of the military personnel.

All in all, the museum with 25 aircrafts that have been restored and 60 exhibits is a treat to watch.