Things to Do in San Diego

Things to Do in San Diego
San Diego offers things to do for all sorts of travelers. It has an abundance of beaches, nightlife, museums, art galleries, historic sites and amusement parks for visitors to choose from. When you look at the sheer amount of world famous attractions that the city has to offer, it comes as no surprise that the city manages to attract more than 30 million tourists each year. Here is a list of the top things to do in San Diego.

San Diego

Maritime Museum
The Maritime Museum is mainly centered around the Star of India, an iron hulled ship that boasts of 100ft masts. It was constructed on the Isle of Man in the year 1863 and mostly plied its trade along the England – India trade route. The museum isn’t just restricted to the Star of India. It also consists of other ships such as the Californian, the Surprise, the Master and Commander, the Medea and a cold war era Soviet submarine

San Diego Zoo
The San Diego Zoo is a 100 acre property that is known to rank among the most famous zoos in the world. The zoo is famous for allowing its animals to live in replicas of their natural habitats. One can find all sorts of animals from all over the world at the zoo. Some of the most famous exhibits include critters, elephants, polar bears and pandas. Some of the most popular attractions at the zoo include the Monkey Trails, Forest Tales Walk, Safari Park, Zipline safari and a Skyfari aerial tram.

Balboa Park
The Balboa Par offers visitors with 85 unique recreational and cultural attractions and is considered to be a must see in San Diego. The Zoo is the major attraction of Balboa Park, but it is also home to 15 different museums, unique cultural centers, a carousel, lawn bowling, a botanical garden with more than 2000 plant species and a miniature railroad.

Balboa Park

Gaslamp Quarter
The Gaslamp Quarter is a national historic district that is full of art galleries, specialty shops and unique restaurants. It also offers visitors with theatres and nightclubs and is considered to be one of the best nightlife spots in San Diego. Shoppers can also treat themselves to the very best fashion stores and independent boutiques in the Gaslamp Quarter.

SeaWorld San Diego
The SeaWorld San Diego is popular as one of the most famous attractions in the United States of America. Some of the most popular activities at the SeaWorld include watching seals and walruses  perform live shows, petting dolphins, checking out polar bears take an icy plunge, watch sea cats and dogs perform tricks and enjoy the intelligence of Shamu, the world famous killer whale. The SeaWorld is also home to exciting rides such as the Shipwreck Rapids, the Journey to Atlantis and the Wild Arctic Encounter.

USS Midway Museum
The USS Midway was one of the flagships of the American Navy from the year 1945 to 1991. Its last major role was in the first Gulf War. The museum treats visitors with 25 fully restored aircrafts that include an F-4 Phantom jet fighter and an F-14 Tomcat. Other places worth checking out are the brig, admiral’s war room and the primary flight control area. The museum is also home to three flight simulators. The best way to explore the museum is to arrive early so that you can save yourselves from the huge crowds.

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