Top Class Restaurants In San Diego Serving Amazingly Appetizing Sandwiches

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San Diego is bustling with tourists now, and the locals too come out to dine more frequently than the past. So, understandably, a number of restaurants have come up to cater to the vast requirements and expectations of the diners. And, this has given rise to a healthy competition among the restaurateurs in San Diego. The same is the case with sandwiches that are served at these restaurants, as one could always expect the spots serving top class sandwiches that are done to perfection. Here is a list of some of the restaurants that stand out from the rest when it comes to serving lip-smacking sandwiches.


Krakatoa at Golden Hill serves compelling and irresistible sandwiches. The pick of the lot is ‘Tendurek’, which derives its name after a famous Turkish volcano. It is prepared on grill-pressed nutritious multigrain bread, and consists of corned beef along with provolone and Oaxaca cheese, which is topped with hot habanero sauerkraut and plentiful spread of alluring Sriracha mayo.

Fatboy’s Deli And Spirits

Fatboy’s Deli And Spirits at North Park is a well-known name. The restaurant serves a whopping 25 kind of spicy sandwiches. The most popular one is Hot Poppa that consists of a stack of sliced Ovengold turkey, cream cheeses, pepper jack, and jalapenos, along with a deposit of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Ike’s Place

Ike’s Place opened up at Hillcrest in San Diego, and, as expected, the restaurant received a thunderous welcome from the diners who have always heard about the lip-smacking sandwiches being served by Ike’s Place at its location in San Francisco. There is a good variety of sandwiches here that are accompanied by its signature sauce called, ‘Dirty Secret Sauce’. The most frequently ordered sandwich is ‘Anchor Man’ that consists of coleslaw, fried chicken, along with American cheese that is served on Dutch crunch. All this is accompanied with jalapenos, and of course, a never-to-miss item, that is, ‘Dirty Secret Sauce’.

Rare Form

Rare Form stands true to its name as it endeavours to provide ‘rare’ varieties of sandwiches to the diners. It enjoys a great popularity among the public because of the ingenuity and innovativity of the chefs here, who would try all sorts of combination in order to overpower the diners. Among the various sandwiches is El Cubano that is purely a classical Cuban sandwich consisting of tangy bread, smoked ham, butter pickles, along with Swiss cheese.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace at Bankers Hill is a hot favourite destination of foodies who throng the place whenever they have that craving of eating the perfectly done sandwich. The pick of the lot is Maye’s Melt, a grilled multigrain speciality that is crunchy, and yet delicate and buttery on the inside. The ingredients making this savouring sandwich include melty provolone, sliced turkey, fresh spinach, roasted red pepper, and a generous spread of pesto. Also, tomato and onion could also be added on demand.

26th Kitchen And Carry

This sandwich takeout joint is run by the veteran chefs Adam Sweetow and Christopher Kempka, who leave no stone unturned in providing finest dishes to the people, including locally sourced scrumptious veggie sandwiches. The pick of the lot is Golden Hill, which is prepared from avocado, roasted pepper, tomato, tapenade, spinach, and fresh sprouts.

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