Uncovering Amazingly Enchanting Hikes In San Diego

Couple Posing Hiking

People in San Diego enjoy basking in the sun, as they want to make the most of the year-round sunshine that this area receives. So, outside activities like hitting the beaches, visiting the animal parks, surfboarding, etc. seem to be the most common activities done by people here; however, little do these people realize that there is plenty that this country has to offer. There are a number of secret spots that make up for a perfect hike; for instance, one could always explore conifer forests, palm oasis, riparian forest, and some rarest and most enchanting pines on earth, which are all within close proximity to San Diego. So, here is a list of some enchanting hikes in San Diego.

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve And Extension

The natural reserve and extension were made to protect the Torrey Pine, which is among the rarest pines on the planet. So, tourists consider themselves fortunate as they get a chance to explore these amazing spots. Besides, they come across a dazzling array of sculpted bluffs made of sandstone. Moreover, they get to see enchanting views of the Pacific as well from here. Tourists are always intrigued and overwhelmed by the beauty of primeval beach here. So, the area is worth hiking as one gets to amass some incredible experiences.

Los Penasquitos Canyon

Penasquitos Canyon spans a large area as it extends from Penasquitos Lagoon to as far as the Knott Grove; however, the area that stands out from the rest of the area is the one between waterfall and Black Mountain Road, which is the brightest area. The trail leads one through the lush riparian forests which leave a calming influence on the people. So, besides the shade of trees including the sycamores and the oak trees, one also experiences some visually appealing sites, especially the cascading waterfall which is too beautiful to miss.

Batiquitos Lagoon

Batiquitos Lagoon is among the rarest wetlands in San Diego that managed to remain preserved. The 3.2 mile hike is suitable for all sorts of hikers. People get a chance to commune with nature in such tranquil surroundings.

Santa Margarita River

Santa Margarita River is an unassuming spot which is not frequently located by visitors because of its remoteness. One comes across a number of exhilarating things while hiking including oak woodlands, swimming holes, and undammed river.  Besides, the sycamores and cottonwoods make up for a great visual site too.

The Engelmann Oak Loop

Engelmann Oak Loop in Daley Ranch is a must-to-visit site, since the hikes here thoroughly reinvigorate a person. One comes across oak woodlands, and experiences the calm and serene natural environment of the place. Overall, it is among the most peaceful and scenic hikes that offer great rewards to hikers.

Mt. Woodson

Mt. Woodson is a challenging hike extending 6.6 miles that takes one to the unmistakable ‘Potato Chip Rock.’ The views from the top are simply exhilarating.

Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls make up for the essential and iconic inland hikes. The trail takes one inside the spectacular gorge, and then to the grotto. Again, the hike is strenuous and not recommended for the beginners.

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