Uncovering The Profile Of People Doing Coolest Jobs In San Diego

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San Diego enjoys the best weather in the US. This is a great positive point of living in San Diego. It is this amazing weather it seems that people try to do different sorts of jobs here. They explore their full potential and foray in different professions. Here is a profile of some people in San Diego who have carved a niche for themselves by excelling in their fields.

Hilary Kearny

Hilary Kearny is the proud owner of ‘Girl Next Door Honey.’ She has really excelled in the arduous job of beekeeping. She describes with vivid detail how she got the idea of beekeeping while going through a book on beekeeping when she was young. From a humble beginning when she volunteered for removing the swarms from houses for free, she has come a long way forward now. Now, the does the simple task of bee removals, but is dexterous in handling complex operations as well. Moreover, she also imparts training to the beginners who are looking forward to learn the art of beekeeping.

Abby Youngs

Abby Youngs is a thrilling aerialist or circus performer. She had the habit of doing couchsurfing and surfing. However, it was not until the age of 25 till she thought about becoming a professional circus performer. It was one of her friends actually that made her explore the field of acroyoga. Slowly, she began to master the dangerous acts. Meanwhile, she also got training in aerial in Detroit. Her talent was spotted by De Leon Dynamics, who employed her as a tutor and a performer. So, Abby Youngs is now associated with them, and performs all around the city. She gets encouragement from the crowd as there is a sea of humanity driven towards circus shows nowadays in San Diego.

Gloria Muriel

Gloria Muriel is a stunning muralist or an artist. She used to dabble with arts initially but upon getting recognition she decided to devote herself wholeheartedly to this profession. Since then she has collaborated with a number of artists like Monstrinho, Persue, etc. in order to paint murals at a number of locations. She has earned a great reputation now as she excels in painting urban art. Her style is revered by many and experts describe her style as, “unique, yet very recognizable.”

Josh Gaylord

Josh Gaylord is captain of ‘Patriot Jet Boat’ now; and he has devoted 34 years of his life to learning how to operate boats, schooners, fishing yachts, whale watching vessels, large passenger vessels, and ferries. His major experience was gained while working with ‘Flagship Cruises and Events’ where he worked for 27 years. ‘The Patriot’ is the latest jet driven boats that offer unlimited fun and thrill to the passengers. And, Josh Gaylord excels in manoeuvring the boat in style. He takes around 130 passengers at a time, driving them at the speed of 50mph.

Paul Basile

Paul Basile is a well-known fabricator and designer. He spotted his talent towards designing furniture early in his life as he started his own fabrication studio, besides opening a furniture store. Today, he produces marvellous custom designed works for his customers.

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