Unearthing Incredible Attractions In San Diego That Offers Memorable Experience

Dolphin Is Jumping In The Seaworld San Diego

San Diego is a great tourist destination, since there is a dazzling array of spots that a person could visit. All these spots have to offer some great experience to the tourists. From San Diego Zoo to USS Midway Museum, the list is certainly endless. And, the best part is the weather of San Diego, which is always pleasant. This is the reason why there is a great rush of locals as well as the tourists at the popular spots, since no one wants to stay at their home or hotels. Here is a list of some of the incredible locations that one could visit in San Diego.

The San Diego Zoo

The Panama-California Exposition that occurred in 1915 was the primary factor leading to the formation of San Diego Zoo. It was solely due to the effort of renowned physician Dr. Harry M. Wedgeforth that the zoo came into being. He was a great animal lover and his love is aptly reflected in the pains he took to set up this great zoo in Balboa Park. It spans 100 acres of area, and has a whopping 4000 animals. The best part is that the animals are given large and natural environments here. And, the best part is that there are continuous improvements and expansions every year. So, the zoo is well-maintained and offers tourists great fun.

Seaworld San Diego

Seaworld offers a great chance to get a glimpse into the unique and interesting life of sea mammals. Although there have been questions regarding keeping sea mammals, still, the care that is taken in keeping the animals here is enough in dispelling all the doubts and apprehensions. So, one could see a great variety of dolphins here, and virtually walk past sharks through an underwater unassuming tube.

Kids simply love this place, since, besides getting to see a completely unique world, they could always go for great rides including Sesame Street Rides, and Wild Arctic motion ride, to name a few.

Safari Park San Diego

The Safari Park spans 1800 acre area and is around 35 miles away from Downtown San Diego. Here, animals are set free to roam around in the open and meet other animals. One could find some rare and extinct animals here including Northern White Rhino. Kids simply love the idea of feeding great range of birds here resembling parrot. The pick of the lot is a tram ride, though, which is called ‘Journey into Africa Tram.’ This tram gives a chance to the visitors to see a great range of animals including elephants, rhinos, and zebras, to name a few. Tourists also gives a thumbs up to the concept of ‘Photo Safari,’ wherein, they are taken closer to the animals, and are given a chance to feed them as well. There are safari tent cabins that allow a person to sleep there as well at night.

Balboa Park

Well, visit to San Diego is certainly incomplete without visiting the unmistakable Balboa Park. It spans 1400 acres and abounds in natural beauty. People from all walks of life visit the place to entertain and exhilarate themselves.

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